Meaning of unshaded in English:


Pronunciation /?n??e?d?d/


  • 1(of a light bulb or lamp) not having a shade or cover.

    ‘the single unshaded bulb dangled from the ceiling’
    • ‘I remember visiting him with George when he was Professor of English at Sheffield and was living in a decrepit basement flat, with unshaded electric light bulbs and no bathroom, only a stone sink.’
    • ‘Figures 1-5 show measurements obtained from unshaded, uncovered bulbs.’
    • ‘A single unshaded bulb, radiating a light she could not see.’
    • ‘One solitary unshaded lamp lights the room.’
    • ‘The bulb was unshaded and gave off a pitiful amount of light.’
    1. 1.1Not screened from direct light.
      ‘those streets are largely unshaded’
      • ‘The use of white reflective paper resulted in similar leaf temperatures in direct sunlight of the shaded and unshaded leaves, which was about 4°C above air temperature.’
      • ‘The basal 5.5 cm of submerged stem were unshaded and the plant was exposed to north light from the laboratory window.’
      • ‘The north facade, which will receive minimal direct solar heat gain, has unshaded glazing.’
      • ‘Previous studies have shown that scaling and barking injuries occur initially on equatorial-facing surfaces and may eventually cover all surfaces of unshaded cacti.’
      • ‘Growing up in the Los Angeles suburbs, photographer David Paul Bayles was used to playing on unshaded streets.’
      • ‘Several experiments in which parts of leaves were artificially shaded showed that nitrogen is retranslocated from shaded to unshaded leaves.’
      • ‘Unattended nest temperature was recorded every 30 s by an unshaded probe held just above the ground (as in the real nests that had temperature probes present).’
      • ‘She indicated the unshaded lower end of the beach.’
      • ‘However, the increase due to sucrose supplementation was much greater for unshaded than shaded plants.’
      • ‘There were no significant differences in shoot numbers produced by matching pairs of shaded (C SR) and unshaded (C R) trees at any sampling date, thus data for shaded and unshaded trees were combined.’
      • ‘Closer to home, outreach performances in schools, hospitals, and community halls have their own challenges: cracks and gouges, poor surfaces, unshaded outdoor platforms.’
      • ‘At north and south ends are stands for hardier fans, unshaded and raking up at a steep angle to take so many seats that the total capacity of the stadium will be 110 000.’
      • ‘At Coro, plants of L. nodosum were growing under the canopy of the evergreen tree Prosopis juliflora, whereas in both Adícora and Chichiriviche de la Costa they were unshaded and exposed to full sunlight.’
      • ‘Open or unshaded exposure interferes with the translocation of water, sugars, and nutrients from the roots to the needles and back again.’
      • ‘Essin is right (at least if you compare the temperatures of shaded and unshaded surfaces).’
      • ‘People are unlikely to receive these maximum ambient exposures simply because it would be unrealistic to lie in the unshaded sun all day without moving.’
      • ‘Normally his black car sat in unshaded sunlight, increasing the heat to maximum.’
      • ‘But surely the vast expanses of unshaded glass in a desert climate stand as one more expression of luxury in a country that feels less compelled than the rest of the world to conserve energy.’
      • ‘On the other hand, unshaded paved areas absorb and store the sun's heat, making them undesirable next to your house.’
      • ‘The greenhouses had to be sited in the unshaded strip at the foot of the cliffs on the north side of the pit.’
  • 2(of an area of a diagram) not shaded with pencil lines or a block of colour.

    ‘the unshaded portion of diagram 5.4’
    • ‘Boundaries between shaded and unshaded areas represent breakpoints.’
    • ‘The small, delicately outlined figures grouped together in large, unshaded expanses of background space and the subtle colouring create a pleasing sense of lightness and formal balance, but the air of decadence is inescapable.’
    • ‘The shaded and unshaded rectangles indicate the two inferred recombination blocks in each clade, designated numerically as blocks 1 and 2.’
    • ‘Hydrophilic portions of the amphiphile are shown as dark shaded, hydrophobic portions are shown as light shaded, and solvent is shown as unshaded.’
    • ‘Exons are shaded gray while introns are unshaded (lowercase).’
    • ‘Mauldin's style is inseparable from his material; I have a hard time imagining that a shaky, unshaded drawing of two blobs in a foxhole would have the same impact of Mauldin's expressive character studies.’
    • ‘The solid arrow indicates the day leaves expanded, the unshaded arrow indicates flowering, the hatched arrow indicates fruiting, the dotted arrow indicates the end of fruiting, and the thin arrow indicates defoliation.’
    • ‘The aldolase cross-bridges are represented by ovals with the shaded oval indicating the cross-bridging tetramer and the unshaded oval indicating the decorating tetramer.’
    • ‘Heights of shaded and unshaded bars, respectively, represent divergence calculations excluding and including CpG sites.’
    • ‘Noncontiguous repeat motifs are represented by shaded and unshaded rectangles.’