Meaning of stress-induced in English:



  • (especially of a medical problem) caused by stress or mental fatigue.

    ‘an increase of stress-induced diseases’
    ‘he succumbed to a stress-induced ulcer and nervous breakdown’
    • ‘The princess has been suffering from a stress-induced disorder.’
    • ‘A pregnant woman who experienced stress-induced contractions was later discharged from hospital.’
    • ‘In 1998, the divorcee and mother-of-one was diagnosed with stress-induced cancer of the mouth.’
    • ‘Going by the number of stress-induced cases in India, I strongly feel that the people need hypertension specialists to guide them on stress management.’
    • ‘It also contains strong antibacterial and antiviral compounds that help shake off stress-induced colds and infections.’
    • ‘Stretching can relieve stress-induced muscle tightness.’
    • ‘In each case a circuit judge awarded damages for negligence against the claimants' employers after the claimant had had to stop working for them owing to stress-induced psychiatric illness.’
    • ‘Like nail biting, twirling, twisting and tugging at your hair is a nervous or stress-induced habit.’
    • ‘He was put on indeterminate sick leave following the diagnosis of a mystery illness, thought to be stress-induced hypertension.’
    • ‘The good news is that stress-induced pounds will melt away with a few tweaks to your diet, exercise, and stress-management tools.’
    • ‘I have stress-induced asthma.’
    • ‘I don't always feel sexy or confident, particularly when my eating spirals out of control or a stress-induced binge leaves me longing for a siesta in the middle of a workday.’
    in the mind, all in the mind, psychological, irrational, stress-related, stress-induced, subjective, subconscious, unconscious