Meaning of parametric in English:



  • 1Relating to or expressed in terms of a parameter or parameters.

    ‘The parameters used in the parametric bootstrap simulations were the phylogenetic tree generated from the aligned protein sequences and a residue substitution matrix.’
    • ‘In designing the luminaires, the students used parametric surface modeling to produce contours, patterns, and templates.’
    • ‘We've made dramatic changes to the skeletal system, which allows for full parametric blending of multiple layers of animation.’
    • ‘For several decades now, designers have relied on the classic design tree or parametric modeling approach.’
    • ‘A parametric method successfully characterizes deformations, rotations, and displacements of single cells or cell populations and their correlations.’
    1. 1.1Statistics Assuming the value of a parameter for the purpose of analysis.
      ‘variables with normal distribution were compared by means of parametric tests’
      • ‘Variables were log 10 transformed as appropriate to improve fit to a normal distribution for parametric statistical analyses.’
      • ‘Most statistical analyses performed were parametric (ANOVAs and correlations).’
      • ‘Statistical analysis was performed using parametric and nonparametric tests, depending on whether the data distribution could be assumed to be gaussian or not.’
      • ‘Statistical analysis was performed using parametric ANOVAs after normality was confirmed by Shapiro-Wilk test.’
      • ‘The present study employs parametric analysis to test for the ‘daylight saving effect’ market anomaly in the Australian stock market.’
    2. 1.2Electronics Relating to or denoting a process in which amplification or frequency conversion is obtained using a device modulated by a pumping frequency, which enables power to be transferred from the pumping frequency to the signal.
      ‘The other part is used to pump an optical parametric amplifier, which provides excitation in a broad spectral range.’
      • ‘Synchronized double pumping, and therefore careful timing, is very critical in this device because the optical parametric gain has no storage time, unlike conventional laser-gain media.’
      • ‘An optical parametric amplifier allowed them to try the experiment at different wavelengths.’
      • ‘One part of the amplifier output was used to pump an optical parametric amplifier for generation of the 490 nm pump pulses.’
      • ‘Sound Forge software was used to filter sounds with a low pass and parametric filter to increase the gain of the 20 Hz signal and reduce other frequencies containing background noise.’