Meaning of gynaecological in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡ??n?k??l?d??k(?)l/


  • Relating to the branch of physiology and medicine which deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system.

    ‘women with gynaecological problems’
    • ‘gynaecological surgery’
    • ‘A friend with a gynaecological problem recently voiced her concerns about her doctor to me.’
    • ‘At her annual gynecological exam two years ago, she was expecting a clean bill of health.’
    • ‘I contracted HPV six years ago and have had gynecological problems ever since.’
    • ‘A doctor once tried to talk movies with her while giving her a gynaecological exam.’
    • ‘Acupuncturists commonly treat digestive and gynecological ailments.’
    • ‘To help you understand and overcome these gynecological ailments, we talked to top women's health experts.’
    • ‘The pap smear is a normal part of gynecological care.’
    • ‘Because her test results were always normal, she began to take her gynecological health for granted.’
    • ‘She did have gynaecological problems, including endometriosis and pre-cancerous cells.’
    • ‘I just went for my first gynecological appointment, and he said, "Do you have a boyfriend?"’