Meaning of embrocate in English:


Pronunciation /??mbr?ke?t/


[with object]rare
  • Bathe (a diseased or painful part of the body) with liquid.

    ‘Embrocate the part affected with your hand, warmed, for a quarter of an hour.’
    • ‘He had frequently seen the backs of sailors, who had been flogged, embrocated with Salted Brandy.’
    • ‘If the skin be very tense, it may be embrocated with a mixture of three fourths of oil of roses, and one fourth of common vinegar.’
    • ‘Two hours after this, the flesh about the wound was cut out, and the part burnt with a hot iron, and the arm embrocated with warm oil.’
    • ‘Embrocating the arm with oil only abated the swelling.’
    rub, rub down, knead, palpate, manipulate, pummel, work


Early 17th century from medieval Latin embrocat-, from the verb embrocare, based on Greek embrokhē ‘lotion’.