Meaning of deurmekaar in English:


Pronunciation /?dj??m??kɑ?/


informal South African predicative
  • In a state of muddle or confusion.

    • ‘my tenants left the house so deurmekaar, I'll never get it straight’
    • ‘As far as reading the manual goes… after reading 3 pages I normally forget my first name - getting really deurmekaar to say the least.’
    • ‘Leon dressed himself up like this boer, called ‘Rooi Willie’, with a big red beard and big deurmekaar hair and every time Jan speaks Leon would go like ‘Roep!’’
    • ‘And as I said, there was no name tag, anything, but I was also so deurmekaar, I didn't even ask him his name or anything.’
    • ‘He's a bit deurmekaar.’


Afrikaans, from Dutch dialect variants of door elkaar, literally ‘through one another, interchangeable’.